An unofficial Elite: Dangerous web comic by Lee Hutchinson, David Hall, and Jette Tingdahl

“To be a trader is to be two things: dangerous, and at risk.”

―Robert Holdstock

“We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there.”

―Jerry Reed

We are the few who dare: we brothers and sisters who ride the Witch-space corridors of Faraway. We turn the wheels of industry, moving the goods that power a heaven-spanning society of worlds. We pilot ships named for snakes—Asps, Cobras, Pythons, Anacondas—and on our backs is the tripartite hegemony of man built.

We fly. We fight. We trade. We explore. We brave the black under the unblinking gaze of the naked stars. We do it for fortune, for fame, for glory—for the thrill of the hunt, or maybe just because to sit at home on a station is to be ordinary, and we are never that.

These are our stories.

Out now:
Book 3, chapter 2, “The Subtleness of the Sea”

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Fangs, interlude one: MERCS

Interlude: MERCS

One's a man with no past. The other a gene-spliced monster. Together, they fight crime! Kinda.